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Russell Cave Road
Georgetown, KY, 40324
United States

(859) 340-4289

A 501(c)(3) non profit that serves struggling youth in Lexington, Ky. 

The Farm We've Been Praying For


The Farm We've Been Praying For

Allie Barnett

      Even today, now having a FARM for a whole week, I haven't quite grasped it. As I sat on the front porch of the loft above the beautiful 4 stall barn, it began to sink in. The home of Safe Haven Equine Ministries exists on a lovely 7 acre property off of Russel Cave Road in Bourbon County! TRUTH! This is a true statement! I just have to remind myself of that :)    

      So I'm sitting on this porch trying to comprehend that this farm is "MINE" and I realized.... it's not. It has never been or will be mine. It is the Lord's. After this realization, followed a good hour of pondering each individual, beautiful thing. Each fence post, each blade of grass, each beautiful tree.... it is all the Lord's and Jeremy and I are SO lucky and blessed to be called stewards of this place and these things. A wave of peace and honestly, relief washed over me and a single line of an old hymn played in my head on repeat. . . "And I know... I KNOW! He holds the future" I couldn't for the life of me in that moment remember the rest of the song and I think there's a reason for that :) 

      Today is a beautiful day because the Lord made it. He made and owns this beautiful property. Jeremy and I get to do HIS work through Safe Haven here and this makes my heart so incredibly free and joyful. And best of all, we need not worry (as this has been a struggle) because HE holds the future. 

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D << how obnoxiously happy my heart feels

<3 Allie