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Russell Cave Road
Georgetown, KY, 40324
United States

(859) 340-4289

A 501(c)(3) non profit that serves struggling youth in Lexington, Ky. 

How our Horses Came To Be...


How our Horses Came To Be...

Allie Barnett

If you haven't already heard... Safe Haven just received our FIRST therapy horses! We have received two horses and a pony, who are currently in their trial training period. Looking back, it's clear to see the hand of God in bringing them here so I've decided to tell a short narrative of how they came to be :)

A couple months ago, my mom's friend was randomly in town and wanted to go see our previous home, where they had shared a lot of sweet memories. It was the home I grew up in and first learned a love for horses, a 100 acre horse farm, a house we built, and a lake we dug. As they drove by our old house that had been abandoned for over a year now, they noticed some lights on! Curiously, they drove up the drive only to find the car of a realtor and family who had just signed a contract on our childhood home and were coming for another look around! What are the chances that mom would happen to be there at the exact time they were visiting their new home! She was able to introduce herself as the original owner and designer :) About a month later, our family went to walk through this house as we were all very attached and sad to have to leave it. The family who now owns it were very friendly and we got to share a little bit about our non-profit with them! At some point, the back portion of the land was sold to a breeding farm called Spy Coast. One day, the family met the head maintenance worker and happened (for some reason) to mention Safe Haven to him. This man then contacted us and put us into contact with their managing veterinarian. 

Fast forward JUST TWO WEEKS and this veterinarian is handing over papers for two beautiful horses and an adorable pony and we are loading them up into a trailer!!! WHAT?! WOW!! God works in tiny and beautifully timed ways. If we had been offered these horses just a couple weeks earlier we would not have had the property to house them! God worked in the generosity of the family, the man, the veterinarian, and our neighbor to lend her truck and trailer! God's timing is perfect and his ways are much more creative and special than I could ever try to think up!

Thank you Spy Coast Farm and every one involved in paying it forward and supporting your local non-profits :)