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Russell Cave Road
Georgetown, KY, 40324
United States

(859) 340-4289

A 501(c)(3) non profit that serves struggling youth in Lexington, Ky. 

Farm Rules



          Safety is our top priority at Safe Haven. We cannot eliminate all risk associated in working with horses and on a farm. Part of our mission is to educate and teach the safest ways to handle yourself and animals in various situations. Because there will always be risks involved in farm work, we do have a brief set of mandatory farm rules and lots of recommendations to keep our participants, volunteers, and animals safe!

Mandatory Requirements

  • All participants, volunteers, and staff must wear close toed shoes.
  • All individuals must wear an approved helmet while riding.
  • No one is to be unsupervised while at the farm.
  • All individuals must sign a liability release.

Disciplinary Policies

At Safe Haven we like to keep things simple.

We have two rules and operate on a two strike policy:

1. Do not disrespect or harm yourself or others.

2. Do not disrespect or harm the animals.

We greatly value our Safe Haven family and must respect each other in order to work together and grow. If one of our two rules are broken we will speak verbally with the participant as a warning. The second time is Strike One, which will be a written warning. The third incidence with be a Strike Two, which will be a written warning and a meeting will be held with the director, participant, and guardian to attempt to reconcile the plan for progressing forward. If no compromise and agreement can be met, the participant will be dismissed from the program. 

Farm Guidelines