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Russell Cave Road
Georgetown, KY, 40324
United States

(859) 340-4289

A 501(c)(3) non profit that serves struggling youth in Lexington, Ky. 

Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Horses



Scarlet was adopted from a KEHC. She is an Arabian, Saddlebred cross, who is incredibly intelligent. She tries her best to do her job and take care of her rider. She LOVES to be pet, groomed, and bathed. She requires a quiet, patient handler, which teaches our participants self-awareness and how to build trust. 


Jazz Combo

Jazz is our tallest and oldest horse! She's a thoroughbred that was adopted from a rescue after being abandoned with her filly. She is incredibly gentle and does a FABULOUS job taking care of our participants. She shows them that no matter what you've been through you can have purpose and help others!


Da' Czil or "Dazzle"

Dazzle is our big, black beauty. She's a Thoroughbred, Warmblood mare, generously donated from Spy Coast farm. She is young but very intelligent. She has a LOT to offer and teach our participants. 



Blaze, our only Quarter Horse, was adopted from KEHC. He is blind in his left eye, which consequently makes him always gently nuzzeling to see where you are. He loves treats and kisses! He requires a confident handler and teaches our participants confidence and leadership skills!



            Stitches, a paint/thoroughbred cross, was adopted from KEHC. She doesn't get upset over anything and LOVES to be around people. She's very trustworthy, sweet natured, and ready to please under saddle. She makes our new participants feel very comfortable and welcome! 



            Emmett is being generously leased to Safe Haven. He has lot of experience as therapy horse and has a fun personality! We call him our "diva" because he very clearly loves to be pampered and his belly scratched. He is a fun partner for our participants to bond and learn with.



            Sarg is a very experienced therapy horse and can do it all! He's a draft cross but acts like a puppy dog. He's very sweet, gentle, and willing under saddle. He serves as a very unique partner for our participants!


Dixie and Milly

              Dixie (left) and Milly (right) were rescued and re-named by our supporters. They were extremely lethargic and had incredibly high worm counts when we received them. They are still being rehabbed and retrained now. They serve our participants by being a non-intimidating way to learn horse basics!